Cross-country comparative studies


James Boyd, Curtin University

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The aim of the Group is to explore the different data, methodologies and tools that are available across various countries and to identify how they can be used together in comparative studies.

  • To develop the skills and knowledge across the international data linkage community;
  • To review and document data linkage systems and methods, exploring  common standards, collections and linked analysis;
  • To stimulate and enhance collaboration between researchers and research institutions internationally.

Intended benefits

Improve the knowledge of data linkage infrastructure in different countries and to maximise the research benefits to the international data linkage community.

  • To help the IHDLN deliver quality internationally collaborative research through data linkage facilities and services;
  • Develop strategies to support international collaborative data linkage research.

Planned activities

1. Identify areas for investigation: data collections, analytical methods, research projects etc.

2. Compile information: report on comparative information

3. Circulate for review

4. Refine based on feedback

Completed activities

To date, one collaborative international study, the International Vasectomy Study, has taken place through the Network, and formed a proof-of-concept for international studies.